Curry Queens

Our Mothers. The Queens of our kitchen. The nurturers. The brilliant creative chefs. That’s our culture.
That’s what “CurryQueens” brings to you!
Joel Matthews, Chef/Co-owner
I am the co Chef/owner of CurryQueens LTD. Born in Edmonton 1986, We moved to Australia and then on to Asia where we lived for 30 years. After school I worked for Alila Hotels in Indonesia before heading to Melbourne and  THE SMITH which is an Asian fusion restaurant under Executive Chef Michael Lambie. From Melbourne I came back to Calgary and started working for Anju under Chef Roy Oh. Excited to partner with Aly and Safeer and bring the combined knowledge of the four of us to you in Calgary.
Aly Punja, Chef/Co-owner
I’ve been working alongside my mother, Franny, making authentic indo/east African food since 2006. I was lucky enough to grow up in the kitchen with both of my grandmothers who taught me their beloved family recipes. Even though I was a very picky eater, I loved to cook. I think part of the reason I hung out in the kitchen was to make sure no one added cilantro to any of the dishes! In spite of my pickiness, I grew to love all food — cilantro (and garlic) have become two of my favourites. As a foodie, I can’t wait for the next chapter with CurryQueens and I am looking forward to working with my brother Safeer and with Jeff & Joel. .  

Safeer Rashid, Co-owner
I have been working in our family business, A Touch of India, since I was old enough to operate a cash register. I’ve also been fortunate while growing up to be able to eat my mother’s amazing food. Although, I’m not a cook, I’ve always enjoyed being involved in the restaurant. As an adult, I became more interested in the business side of the restaurant industry. It seemed a natural fit to become educated in public accounting and to get my professional designation, so I could benefit the family business. I’m excited to bring my business skills to CurryQueens to Calgarians and to join forces with Aly, Jeff, and Joel.

Jeff Matthews,  Chef/Co-owner
Food has been a lifelong passion. I ѕреnt mу еаrlу years trаіnіng rіght here in Cаlgаry and after graduating frоm SAIT, took up a роѕіtіоn аt La Chаumіèrе Rеѕtаurаnt іn 1977. I then moved onto the Four Seasons and Delta Hotels, and finally at the fаmеd Queen Elizabeth Hotel іn Mоntrеаl. After that, I lived and worked for 30 years in SE Asia which armed me with a wealth оf knоwlеdgе in Aѕіаn and European сuіѕіnе. My time there also provided the opportunity to learn how to marry flаvоurѕ from bоth the East and West to create unіquе combinations wіth a bite and a twіѕt.
My son Joel and I have partnered with Aly and Safeer (Touch of India fame) to bring a varied array of authentic Asian curry dishes to our guests that span the flavours of India, Malaysia, Thailand, Korea, Indonesia and more.